Award Rules


The following rules and application process are binding throughout the entire duration of the FAEA Award 2023 edition. By participating in the FAEA Award, all applicants accept these rules and regulations and agree to abide by them. FAEA reserves the right to disqualify any applicant who do not comply with the following rules and eligibility requirements.

  1. The FAEA has the right to verify the eligibility of each Applicant. Entries that are incomplete or do not adhere to the rules or specifications may be disqualified at the sole discretion of the FAEA.
  2. All decisions made by FAEA and its Committee are final. No correspondence will be entered into.
  3. Age: applicants, whether individuals or members of a team, must be 18 years of age or older.
  4. Startups must be founded or managed by a French-speaking  executive (CEO, President, or any other C-level position).
  5. Location: Startups must be incorporated in the United States and must generate revenues in the United States.
  6. For-Profit Businesses Only: The FAEA Award is a startup competition for for-profit businesses. Non-profits are not eligible to enter.
  7. Early-Stage Startups Only: Startups cannot be older than 3 years.
  8. All business sectors are eligible.
  9. Confidentiality: By the submission of your Executive Summary, you understand and agree that it will be shared with FAEA staff and Committee members. At times, actual and prospective participants in the FAEA ask that confidentiality agreements/NDAs be secured from FAEA staff and/or Committee  members. While the FAEA appreciates the concerns behind these requests, as a matter of convention and practicality, confidentiality agreements/NDAs are not signed as part of the FAEA. FAEA staff and Committee are corporate executives, entrepreneurs, investors. They are accustomed to handling confidential information. However, the final decision about participating in the FAEA and about what information will be shared is the responsibility of the participants. It is the responsibility of the participants to keep confidential information confidential and to maintain the confidentiality of their own intellectual property.
    If invited to participate in the FAEA final, participants authorize the FAEA to use their names, interviews and likenesses in all media, including but not limited to video, print and electronic media. Participants acknowledge that they are not entitled to reimbursement for the use of their name, photograph or participation in any and all media developed about and by FAEA.
  10. Selected startup finalists/winners must attend in-person the Pitch & Q&A in front of the Committee and the Award Ceremony.
  11. Disqualification Violation of any one or multiple rules for eligibility will result in disqualification from FAEA 2023 at any point.

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